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Some of the listings below may be sold, contact us by using the contact form, email at or phone 585-259-4050, for a current list.

Alexander Street, Rochester NY 14607

12 Unit brick building. 8,874 square feet.

22 Units

University of Rochester. Excellent condition. 19,000 square feet.

East End Apartments

80 apartments completely renovated top to bottom. East End location with huge off street parking areas.

110 Marina Drive

18,000 square foot office building. All NNN leases. Complete interior renovations completed.

91 Erie Canal Drive

9,700 square foot medical office building. Plenty of parking. All NNN leases. Close to Hospital.

Cornhill Apartments

19 Unit Apartment Complex in the Heart of the Historic Cornhill District. 16,000 square feet of living space.

Cornhill Apartments

Highly desired Cornhill neighborhood. Brick! 16 apartments. 10,500 square feet and 3 stories. Built in 1900.

University Avenue, Rochester, NY

44 units in heart of the arts district. University Avenue. An all brick trophy property in excellent condition.

Lake Avenue Apartments, Rochester, NY

Three buildings totaling 61 Units. 34,616 square feet.

12 Unit Apartment building, Rochester, NY

All brick 2 story with 12 units. Separate utilities and ample off street parking. 9,298 square feet.

Brick 8 unit, Rochester, NY

Brick, 2 story building with 8 units on nearly 1/2 acre. 3750 square feet plus 1830 square foot basement.

East End Area Apartments, Rochester, NY

15 units in a highly desired neighborhood with plenty of off street parking. 8727 square feet.

17 unit mixed use. Spectacular condition. Village location and waterfront!

10 unit apartment building.

East Avenue mansion converted to 8 apartments.

Park Avenue neighborhood 16 unit building.

Maplewood 7 unit apartment building.

Maplewood 7 unit apartment building in an opportunity zone.

13 unit multi family.

20 Unit apartment building.

26 Unit apartment building.

Gorgeous 8 unit building near campus.

18 Unit mixed use property.

16 Unit multi family.

Maplewood converted Mansion. 10 unit apartment building.

East Avenue Mansion converted to 10 apartments.

9 Unit apartment building.